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The site Administration of ARSA LLC (BIN 1125044003490, Moscow Region, Podolsk, Komsomolskaya bld.1, Russian Federation,142100) (Site address is (hereinafter referred to as the Sight) respects the rights of visitors to the Site. We unconditionally recognize the personal information confidentiality importance of the visitors to our Site, incl. personal data (Personal data processing and protection policy).

Visiting the Site and submitting your personal and contact information on the Site, you fully agree to this confidentiality Policy. Registering on the Site and transmitting your data, including personal data, you fully agree with the User Agreement.

Main provisions of our privacy policy are formulated in the following way:

  • We do not share your personal data with third parties.
  • We do not share your contact information without your consent.
  • You determine yourself the amount of personal information.

Collected Information

We collect the following information:

Your personal information (including personal data) that you deliberately agreed to provide us by filling out forms (questionnaires, applications) on the Site.

Technical information automatically collected by the Site’s software during the visit.

The personal information provided by you when filling in the forms on the Site is not subject to a plausibility check.

You independently determine the scope and content of the personal data provided (in the user information, not all fields are mandatory for filling, there is a possibility of providing depersonalized data).

Technical information. When you visit the Site, the information from the standard server logs (server logs) automatically becomes available to the Site administration. This information includes the IP address of your computer (or proxy server, if it is used to access the Internet), the name of the Internet provider, the domain name, the web browser and the operating system name, data about the site name from which you made the transition to the Site, pages of the Site, which you have visited, the date and time of these visits, as well as the files, which you download. We analyze this information in an aggregated (anonymized) form for the analysis of visits to the Site and it is used in developing proposals for the Site’s improvement and development. The connection between your IP address and your personal information shall be never disclosed to any third parties, unless required by law.

The technical information about visiting the Site (depersonalized) is also collected by the statistics counters installed on the site.

Use of the Information Collected

The information that you provide with feedback as well as the technical information shall be used solely to improve the Site’s performance. The information you provide when filling out forms on the Site (online submission of applications, call-back orders, reviews) shall be used solely to contact you. All contact information that you provide to us shall be disclosed with your permission only.

E-mail addresses and contact numbers shall be never published on the Site and we shall use them to communicate with you only.

Information Provision to Third Parties

We shall never share your personal information with any third parties except cases when it is expressly provided for by the legislation (for example, at the judicial authorities’ request).

Final Provisions

None of the statements contained herein is intended to mean entering into a contract or agreement between the Site Owner and the Site Visitor providing personal data and contact information. The privacy policy only informs you about the Site Administration's approaches to working with the personal data of Visitors.

We reserve the right to make changes to this confidentiality policy any time without notice.