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21 September 2012 “Tuplas”, LLC was formed
Designed and started manufacturing of the first product, spooling unit for permanent downhole cable
Started manufacturing of scaled aluminum completion tool models
Designed and started manufacturing of the pressure test container
Started manufacturing of the piece parts for downhole completion equipment
Designed and started mass production of downhole equipment for well completions
Designed and started manufacturing of the double container workshop
Name changed to “ARSA”, LLC

On 21 September 2012, a team of young professionals founded the “TUPLAS” Limited Liability Company with the goal of developing and manufacturing specialized equipment for the oil and gas industry.

Since 2015, due to the active implementation of local manufacturing process for the oil and gas equipment in Russia, the demand for the Company's products and services has significantly increased. Company had developed portfolio of products and established working relationship with several key customers.

In 2018, the Company changed its corporate name to Limited Liability Company “ARSA”.

From the very beginning the main priority for the company was the satisfaction of the Customer's needs in high-quality equipment for an oil and gas market.

Today, “ARSA” LLC performs a full range of work on the development and manufacturing of products meeting high international market requirements, from design, qualification testing, prototypes manufacturing, to mass production with the development of the full technological process. Products are supplied both within Russia and to international markets.

The complexity of the equipment manufactured by the Company varies from simple to highly technological, such as pressure test containers, workshop transformers, spooling units, test benches, downhole well completion equipment and service tools.

The engineers of “ARSA” LLC are using advanced and innovative technologies to design equipment that satisfies all market

The staff of the Company is represented by highly qualified engineers and specialists. The engineering department staff are all graduates from the leading universities of Russia, such as: Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Gubkin State University of Oil and Gas, Volgograd State Technical University, MESI.

The company is certified according to the quality management system ISO 9001, ISO 14000.